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Enterprise Licensing Intellectual Property.
08/18/2008 - 23:47

Scottsdale, Arizona. Open Source Six Sigma introduces Enterprise Licensing Solutions aimed at providing high quality, economically feasible training materials and intellectual property.

Traditionally corporations would acquire the rights to Lean Six Sigma Training Materials, also known as intellectual property, by licensing the assets from one of several six sigma consulting firms. These licenses typically grant a corporation the right to customize base materials, train their employees and distribute the materials within the corporation. Under this model today’s licensing fees for Lean Six Sigma Intellectual Property ranges in price from approximately $100,000 USD on the low end up to $5 Million USD.

The Open Source Six Sigma Enterprise Solutions offer similar licensing rights however we have both standardized and reduced the licensing fees so that corporations of all sizes can afford to acquire High Quality Lean Six Sigma Intellectual Property without engaging a consulting partner, developing materials internally or incurring high-cost license fees.

The Open Source Six Sigma curriculum and training material is some of the most widely used and highly acclaimed intellectual property within the industry today. It is currently distributed to thousands thru the leading industry portal, iSixSigma as well as The International Institute for Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) and available directly thru Open Source Six Sigma.

The Open Source Six Sigma materials provide corporations a unique opportunity to acquire cost effective Lean Six Sigma Intellectual Property that has its roots in Six Sigma deployments world-wide. This is important because it has allowed the opportunity for some the top companies to help refine the materials.

Open Source Six Sigma training materials portfolio is made up of nine training courses covering everything from LSS DMAIC Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt to Executive, Champion, Team Members and Project Selections training including preparation and certification exams as well as professionally formatted course manuals.

The standard Open Source Six Sigma Enterprise License grants corporations perpetual, royalty-free, unlimited internal use from as low as $1000 to a maximum of less than $60,000.00 USD. For more information and product samples visit our enterprise page at