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Getting Started

Open Source Six Sigma makes becoming a Partner easy! Below is a list of the steps required to become an Open Source Six Sigma Partner. Typically you'll be setup and ready to go in less than 2 weeks!


Select the Initiation Fee which best suits you.

The following table describes the Partner Program pricing. Partners select one of three available initiation fees which dictates the ongoing Usage Fees for Training Materials, Course Manuals and Assessments.

Partner Product Pricing
Initiation Fee $5000 $10000 $20000
Black Belt Training Materials $85 $65 $45
Black Belt Course Manual $75 $55 $35
Black Belt Assessment Fee $15 $10 $5
Green Belt Training Materials $65 $50 $35
Green Belt Course Manual $55 $40 $25
Green Belt Assessment Fee $15 $10 $5
Yellow Belt Training Materials $45 $35 $25
Yellow Belt Course Manual $35 $25 $15
Yellow Belt Assessment Fee $15 $10 $5
Others Training Materials $40 $30 $20
Others Course Manual $30 $20 $10

Execute a Partner License

Contact us to request a Partner License.


Customize the materials

We'll provide you with access to our secure project management system where you will download the Open Source Six Sigma course content. You'll make the customizations you require and re-post the final versions for us. We will integrate your products into our fulfillment and ordering system.


Order Materials

Once you're ready to conduct a training event you'll use our private secured ordering system which we setup for your company.


Start training

You're ready to hit the classroom!