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Simple straightforward pricing model!

Each solution shares the same setup fee and the same utilization fee structure shown in the table below.

One time setup fee of $5495

Our Content + Your LMS
No Monthly fee, Utilization fees only.
Our Contact + Our LMS
$150 monthly LMS fee, plus Utilization fees.

Utilization Fees

Our pricing is based on the utilization of our courses so if you are not using our courses you are not paying. In addition we have broken our Utilization Fees into three tiers to accommodate volume discounts. All clients start at Tier 1, quantities are then measured on a cumulative basis over an infinite period of time so once you reach Tier 3 you'll always enjoy the lowest pricing, permanently.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Quantity Price/Person Quantity Price/Person Quantity Price/Person
Black Belt 1 to 25 $495 26 to 50 $395 Over 50 $295
Green Belt 1 to 100 $395 101 to 200 $295 Over 200 $195
Yellow Belt 1 to 200 $195 201 to 400 $95 Over 400 $45
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