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Lean Six Sigma Licensing Overview

We offer our Intellectual Property under several licenses. It is your responsibility as a user of the Open Source Six Sigma Products to understand the terms and conditions of the license under which you are using our products and to comply with those terms and conditions. This page will provide you assistance in determining which licenses allow what rights and what you can and cannot do under each license.

Below we have posted explanations about each License. As a rule of thumb, the Enterprise License is best suited for Organizations that use our content for an internally managed training program. The Partner License is best suited for Consultants or commercial Training Providers who use our content to train their customers. The eLearning License is required when using our content within a Learning Management System to deliver training online. All other uses fall under the Retail License.

Retail License & Single-user

Open Source Six Sigma Retail Licensing and Single-User use applies to all products that are sold through our website or any authorized third-party re-sellers website, and are not licensed under a Partner License, Enterprise License or Elearning License. These products include Training Materials, Course Manuals, Ebooks and Assessments. In fact when you purchase a product from Open Source Six Sigma you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of the OSSS Retail License or consenting to Single-user use. In exchange for your purchase you are receiving a license grant from Open Source Six Sigma that permits you to use the Product (OSSS Intellectual Property) in certain ways and restricts you from using it in other ways. To learn more see OSSS Retail Licensing.

Enterprise License

Enterprise Licenses are available to entities that conduct internal Lean Six Sigma programs. An Enterprise License grants the licensing organization the rights to utilize the OSSS Intellectual Property on a Quantity-Unlimited, Perpetual, Royalty Free basis within the licensing organization. Enterprise Licenses can also be extended to include Supplier and Joint Ventures associated with the Enterprise Licensee upon payment of the appropriate fee. The ownership of the OSSS Intellectual Property remains with Open Source Six Sigma and the materials cannot be re-licensed in any manner. Contact Us to request the Enterprise License to review the full terms and conditions.

Partner License

A Partner License is administered under the Open Source Six Sigma Partner Program and is designed for Consultants and Training Providers. The Partner License is a "White Label" license that provides the Licensee with a number of significant benefits. These benefits include the right to replace the Open Source Six Sigma Copyright with the licensee's own copyright, insert licensee's logos, customize the materials to a larger extent than is allowed under the retail license and provide this content on a commercial basis to Licensee's customers. The Partner License also allows for relicensing of Enterprise Licenses to the Partner's Clients for the appropriate fee. Under all circumstances ownership of the Open Source Six Sigma Intellectual Property remains solely with Open Source Six Sigma. Review the Partner Program page for additional information about this program or Contact Us to request a Partner License to review.

Elearning License

An Elearning License is required anytime the Open Source Six Sigma content is used within a Learning Management System to deliver online training. We follow a specific process and protocol for the use of our content with an online delivery mechanism. The Elearning License allows for the content to be utilized in the licensee's own LMS or in an LMS leased from OSSS. Review the Elearning page for detailed information about this program or Contact Us to request an Elearning License to review.


We provide high-quality materials for very affordable licensing fees in order to fulfill the Open Source Six Sigma Mission. Because we have made the OSSS Products and licenses so economically feasible we strictly enforce proper licensing and investigate and prosecute piracy to the fullest extent. If you break these rules and licensing terms we will eventually find you and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent allowed by law and ensure that the federal and international conditions of Intellectual Property infringement are imposed by the proper agency. If you have questions about any of our licensing please Contact Us and we will review the details of any of the licenses and programs listed here.