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What is OSSS Partner Program?

Open Source Six Sigma Partners enjoy a true White Label Solution! The only thing of its kind in the Lean Six Sigma Industry. Our White Label Partner Program allows Training Providers and Consultants to use our Intellectual Property as if it were their own! Whether you're just getting into the Lean Six Sigma training business or are a well established Lean Six Sigma Consultancy, Training Provider or University the Open Source Six Sigma Partner Program is the better, faster and easier option for handling all facets of Lean Six Sigma training curriculum.

7 Reasons why you'll love the Open Source Six Sigma Partner Program:


Popular Proven Content

The OSSS content is the most popular Lean Six Sigma content in the world. Used by thousands of companies and training providers. To review a partial list of our customers click here.


Our content reflects your own brand

OSSS Partners receive an enormous benefit in the form of our White Label. For the first time ever our materials can be presented to your customers as your own! With our Partner license in place you can replace all mentions of Open Source Six Sigma - even our logo and copyright! You'll even be granted the rights to re-license our materials in the form of Enterprise / Site licenses to your customers directly as if they were your own.


No Hassle Updates

The ongoing management of training materials can be a time consuming hassle. As an Open Source Six Sigma Partner you don't have to worry about it any longer. You'll always have the most up-to-date material versions. Also, when a new version of Minitab or SigmaXL (statistical analysis software) is released we make the upgrade so you don't have to.


Totally customizable

In addition to the White label customizations our partners can choose to modify our courses to meet their specific requirements. Change examples to match your customers business, modify or remove topics to meet your training style, add sections as you require. Our content gives you a turn key solution for Lean Six Sigma belt and infrastructure training and it can all be modified based on your vision.


Access the best Fulfillment & Logistics support

OSSS produces and delivers hundreds of manuals every month to locations around the world. We extend the benefits we receive as a result of our high-volume production to our Partners by providing access to the OSSS Fulfillment Services. No more hassles with tight time-lines, high-cost production, customs holdups, import claims, or shipping logistics. Your customized course manuals will be loaded into our private fulfillment system so when you have a class you can simply order your manuals. We'll have them produced within 24 hours and shipped directly to your training venue anywhere in the world.


Alignment to Industry Standards

The OSSS curriculum is Accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification* (IASSC®) meaning the OSSS Belt courses are highly aligned to the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge. In addition, a study conducted in coordination with Bearing Point Consulting determined that the OSSS curriculum matched the DMAIC ASQ Body of Knowledge to a degree greater that 90%.


Surprisingly affordable and cost effective

OSSS is known for its innovative, high-quality products and simple affordable licensing structures. We apply this concept to our Partner Program. Click here to learn how affordable it is to become an Open Source Six Sigma Partner.