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Whats a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is the vehicle which allows you to deliver training online and manage all of the aspects related to your online training. Clients who choose to use our eLearning Suite receive one of the top performing Learning Management Systems in the industry. Most Learning Management Systems are complicated, clunky and expensive, packed to the tilt with every feature that could possibly be conceived. Our Learning Management System tackles online training from an entirely different perspective: A focus on Simplicity, Smart Functionality and most importantly People. Here's a list of some of the wonderful things you'll be able to do...

Create user accounts, organize people into groups, assign courses & assessments.

No User Restrictions

No restrictions on number of users. Add as many users and administrators as you require! Add users manually or upload tons of them. You can even allow users to register themselves or distribute invite codes for access.

Made Simple, Organized

Its easy to organize. Create and use Groups to organize people into divisions, departments, companies, schools, classes or any other buckets‚ that make sense to you, its your call and we make it easy to do.

Easy Account Management

Creating and managing accounts is simple. Set permissions and roles in a snap. You specify who can see certain courses, people and groups. Approve, delete, archive and re-classify your users as needed.

Quick Assigments

Make assignments and get training done! We make it easy to assign courses to people so you can be sure the right training gets done on time. Set due dates and expiration dates. Automatic notifications and reminders keep users and administrators up-to-date.

Centralize records, view instant reports, track progress.

Track all that goes on. Our LMS centralizes all data related to your training program activity into logical universally usable reports. Access peoples performance, check on courses and assessments. Our LMS delivers high-level and detailed reporting that will keep you in the know.
Export your data. Want to build custom reports, no problem. Download your data and build away. Export in to excel for manipulation or produce pdf'd reports to take with you.

We guard your data, courses and people with Enterprise Grade Security.

Your account is in good hands! Every LMS account includes SSL security, enterprise-level redundant firewalls, multi-level intrusion protection and DoS/DDoS protection. Our enterprise-level web application firewall (WAF) actively protects your account from sophisticated hacker attacks. Plus we backup your account on a daily basis.

Alignment to the eLearning Industry Standards.

All OSSS turn key eLearning products comply with the SCORM standards as defined by ADL. ADL uses structured and collaborative methods to convene multi-national groups from industry, academia and government who help to define the specifications and standards for the learning industry and then develop tools and content to those standards. ADL was established in 1997 to standardize and modernize the delivery of training and education. The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Training Readiness and Strategy oversees the ADL Initiative. The ADL Initiative developed the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).

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