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Need to get the head honchos on-board and excited about Lean Six Sigma?
The Open Source Six Sigma Executive Training Products are a great way to educate Executives about the power of Lean Six Sigma. The Open Source Six Sigma Products provide an elegant and professional format filled with informative content designed to get the message across. As always are training materials are customizable so you can tailor the message to meet your unique needs.
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Lean Six Sigma Executive Introduction Training Materials Lean Executive Introduction Course Manual
As a company considers the merits of undertaking a Lean Six Sigma Initiative, it is important the Executives understand the capabilities, resource commitment and resultant performance improvement expectations. 105 slide PowerPoint Presentation including instructor notes and slide explanations. A professionally formatted in-class manual and reference text. Accompanies the LSS Executive Introduction Training Materials. Used as an in-class participants training guide for LSS Executive Introduction Training. The OSSS Course Manual provides a professional format consisting of the LSS Executive Introduction training slide content accompanied with in-depth topic explanation. Lean Six Sigma has been a powerful tool for corporate process improvement initiatives for over twenty years. This manual describes the methodology, how it is used, what types of issues it addresses and what the expectations of the program should be. Also discussed are the requirements for initiating and managing a successful Lean Six Sigma program.